UPS Plane Crash in Dubai

UPS Plane Crash in Dubai

There’s been a plane crash in Dubai today involving a UPS 747 cargo plane which came down just after takeoff. Sadly the two crew aboard the plane are believed dead.

It appears from witness accounts that a large portion of the plane was on fire before the crash and the United Arab Emirates civil aviation authority now reports that the bodies of the 2 crew involved have been recovered, according to

Kristen Petrella, a UPS spokeswoman said that the plane came down around 8:00 pm local time. The Flight 6 Boeing 747-400 was headed to Cologne in Germany but crashed only 10 miles southeast of Dubai’s international airport in an Emirati air base close to a highway intersection.

There was an account from an Associated Press photographer that the crash could not be seen from the highway as there were walls separating the site but smoke could be seen at the crash spot. For more on this go to