Want to Change Your Life?

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Some people are satisfied with they way they are. They don't see a need to change, or may they just think they're OK the way they are.Some will even go so far as to say, "This is the way I've always been. I can't change."Can't usually means won't. If you really want to change your life, then you need to ask yourself several questions. They answers you find will be your first step to changing your life into the life you've always wanted.1. What do I really want?Most think they know what they want, but if they really did, wouldn't they have it?What is it you really want?Once you ask yourself this, then ask yourself why you want it. Knowing why you want to something is as important as knowing what you want.This is your first step to getting the life you want.Don't be afraid to dream big. Think really hard, and then write down these things you want. Don't edit yourself.2. What do I need to do to change?Some of us may have huge obstacles we need to overcome. In fact, your obstacles may be so high that you have to overcome your obstacles before you can start working on your goals.This can be anything from losing someone we love (grief), or having something happen to us we need to let go of.It's up to you to decide how you will do this. Maybe you need counseling, or you just need to talk to someone about issues you have in your life.Do you need to seek counseling? Do you have something in your life you need to let go of so that you can be happy?Do whatever it is you need to do to clear up any issues you may have in your life.3. What motivates me?What really motivates you? If your dream is to have a lot of money, then ask yourself why. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a lot of money.As a proponent of the book, "The Science of Getting Rich", I believe that we can do more and help others more if we have money.My point is really this: everything you want must have a real purpose.If you want more money, or anything else, because, for example, you were picked on as a kid, or you had a tough life growing up, having more money won't make your life better.What motivates you must have a purpose. A good purpose. If you want to use the money to help other disadvantaged kids, or even your family, then this is a good purpose.Hollywood is proof that having money is simply not enough. Your life has to have meaning and purpose.4. Am I willing to do what it takes to succeed?Are you willing to invest the time and effort into what you want?Having a dream isn't enough. You have to be willing to take the steps necessary to get ahead. Sometimes this involves sacrifice.However, a little sacrifice is worth it if you get what you really want in life and stop settling for what you have.5. What steps do I need to take?Once you've made a decision on what you want, what will you do to get it?Outline your steps. Maybe there are a few things you don't know. Maybe there are a few things you will have to learn.Once you know what you want, then you need to take those steps.

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Keep Your Computer Cool

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If the computer after several hours’ use suddenly rebooted and does not show any sign of system failure, there could only be one thing. The computer is overheating.
Unknown to many, (especially those who are not into technological stuff) the computer could generate a large amount of heat when it is in use. Adding video or sound cards could also add more heat generation from your computer.
The temperature inside the computer or laptop that has high-powered processors that runs with multiple applications reaches one hundred forty (140) degrees.
The more drives, memory and even colored lights stuffed in today’s CPUs and laptops, the less space there is for internal air circulation. Combine that with poor exhaust or surrounding ventilation, and systems slow, applications run poorly, or the computer could reboot to cool itself down, or crash altogether.
The popularity of cheap computers is fast increasing. People are drawn to buying the cheap computers but they are not aware of the reductions made just so to meet the demand.
One of these reductions is the size as well as the effectiveness of cooling fans on the computer. As the computer gets warmer, the computer speed also gets slower.
With the proper cooling device in the computer, rest assured that the performance of the computer would be better. It could also extend the life of the computer, motherboard and the processor.
Cooling products help drop the temperature of the CPU and its components by circulating, dissipating, cooling and pulling air from a desktop or laptop computer.
Some fans mount in the front drive bays of computers, while others slip into PCI slots to suck air out the back. Copper or aluminum “heat sinks” mount atop the processor to cool that device itself.
When buying a new computer, visit a retailer and touch the computer case to see how hot it gets. Consider adding additional fans to the PCI slots or atop the processor.
Other cooling tips include cleaning dust away from the CPU’s fan, or opening the unit and using a can of compressed air to blow dust off the components.
Keep the CPU off the floor, and install filters atop the fans, to reduce dust, pet fur or other debris from getting into the unit. A small electrical fan aimed to blow across the CPU also can help disperse heat and cool the unit.
Keep the computer in a location where air can circulate freely. Keeping the tower in a desk cabinet, leaving the doors open or removed to aid circulation also helps air to circulate inside the computer.
For general office cooling, a flat-panel monitor, or LCD, can reduce the amount of heat generated, as compared to a traditional CRT monitor.
Laptop heat is especially common. Many road warriors, teleworkers and home office workers place the laptop literally upon their laps to work.
This not only can block exhaust fans, but can trap and build heat. Laptop pads dissipate heat by either elevating the unit from the surface, or by using fans to help draw heat away from the device.
Many slot coolers are being marketed today. There are two things that you have to consider before buying one. The intake of fresh cool air is very important. Case temperature drops with the intake fan in the case. T
he position of the fan is the other. It has to be positioned one slot away from the AGP card. The extra space would help the airflow inside the computer. This way the computer heat would be lessened.