Ping Pong robot

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The PingPongPrinter prototype by Vern Graner and Rick Abbott. Uses the Parallax Serial Inkjet print head kit and the EFX-TEK Prop-2 board. Prints text on Ping Pong Balls. The printed balls are used as “ammo” for the PONGINATOR!:)

Ping Pong r

Earn Money by Reading SMS Ads on Mobile Phones

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Are you fed up of telemarketers sending you unwanted SMS ads promoting products you never want. A new service in India helps you earn money by reading targeted SMS advertisements on your mobile phones. A new era of mobile advertising in starting… and you seem interested.
mGinger is out to send SMS advertising to your cellphone and you are more than eager. You get SMS ads of only those products that you want to buy and get them at your convenience. You also earn affiliate income by referring family and friends.

High School Glamour: How to look like Vanessa Hudgens, for just £16 at Asda

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While teenage girls everywhere may dream of being High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, for now at least, they can comfort themselves with looking like their idol.
For just £16 fans can purchase a replica dress as sported by Hudgens in the hugely successful Disney franchise.
Going on sale today by George at ASDA, the thinly-strapped black-and-white number may not lead to a date with the film's heartthrob Zac Efron, but it will add a much-needed touch of glamour to the winter wardrobe.

As the brainy Gabriella Montez in the Disney series, Hudgens, 19, has gone from relative obscurity to worldwide fame and become the envy of teenage girls everywhere - especially as she dates Efron on screen and off.
Even finding herself at the centre of controversy last year after a nude photo of her hit the internet has done little to dent Hudgens' popularity.
Disney branded it 'a lapse in judgment' at the time.
She weathered the scandal and can currently be seen in High School Musical 3: Senior Year, opposite Efron, who plays basketball star Troy Bolton.

This time round, the high school sweethearts face the prospect of attending different colleges. To celebrate their hopes and appease their fears for the future, they throw a musical...of course.
High School Musical's success increased Disney's revenues last year by £500 million, with 670 spin-off products, including clothes, dolls, the inevitable mobile ringtones and a video game in time for Christmas.

Saturday Night Live - Gov. Palin cold open

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Saturday Night Live - Gov. Palin cold open

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Sarah Palin guests on Saturday Night Live.

Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live Appearance

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It appears that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is ready to go head to head with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. She will appear on tonight’s show along with host Josh Brolin.

Villas to Rent in Albox Spain - On the Costa Tropical

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Many people dream of renting in Spain. Some people may realise their dream of renting a villa in Albox Spain. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit and rent property in various cities and villages each year in Spain. However if you want to experience something special then spend some time in Albox just in land from the the beautiful Costa Tropical in Granada, then you can opt for villas to rent in Albox Spain.

Prices are competitive for villas to rent in Albox Spain. People from all over the world go there to escape their own harsh local climate. When searching for your perfect Albox villa, it is wise to seek cheap airline tickets for Malaga Spain. A trained professional can assist you with finding the one that best suits your needs or even better go on line and book the flight yourself.

More and more people who purchase country houses and villas rent these out as they do not plan to live in their Albox properties for a large number of weeks of the year. This is a brilliant way to cover the annual expenses associated with owning an apartment abroad. More astute owners also provide their tenants with a Spanish apartment with sky TV and also consider leasing their Spanish homes or villas for both long term as well as shorter holiday periods.

When you want to book villas to rent in Albox Spain, do your research. Some quality websites not only give you a good selection of villas and apartments but also provide articles and information on the areas of Spain you're thinking of holidaying in. With their help you will be able to make an informed choice on your holiday rental. The rental site you choose should guide you through the various procedures associated with renting a villa from the owners direct.

When you are buying villas to rent in Albox Spain, the venue of the apartment is the most important issue when it comes to holiday rentals, distance from the villa to the beach and if buying in Albox a nearby airport with cheap airline tickets for Malaga Spain is also crucial, along with stores, entertainment activities and sports facilities. These tend to be the major concerns of tourists.

The successful buying of a villa in Albox to rent out is important however the success of letting your property is determined by a number of important factors not just price, but the number of bedrooms of the apartment or your villa has, along with the area adjacent to the property, the facilities you get and the accessibility of a swimming pool etc. Moreover make an effort to see if your potential clients can get cheap airline tickets for Malaga Spain.

There are no two ways about it, price is king when renting your property out, however there are other major factors that will improve your holiday renting potential such as the villa being better equipped than your competitors even a Spanish apartment with sky TV will improve the chances that you will get individuals to rent your villa within a shorter period of time.

There are many takers for a Spanish apartment with sky TV Many holiday makers that use the Internet to book their holiday believe that they will be able to find a less expensive holiday on line, as compared to reserving through a travel agent. Apparently also holiday makers are less interested in inland city apartments than a beach front villa with pools, albeit places like Albox bucks the trend, when it comes to holiday booking.

Many people yearn to get away from terrible winters and erratic summers to experience the good life in the villas to rent in albox spain. The only thing that you should keep in mind regarding these villas in Albox, Spain, is that there are many holiday makers wanting the same thing when they are holidaying in the sun like Spanish apartment with sky tv is now becoming an important reason to book an apartment. Many holiday hunters who use the Internet to search for rental villas find it less expensive to book on line than through agents. While searching on line, it also pays to find cheap airline tickets for Malaga Spain. Holiday Villa Select