20 Ways To Make Someone Smile

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Do you want to put a smile on someone's face today? Maybe make their day a little better. It won't cost you a single penny or much time to do just that. And because smiling is contagious, it probably won't just be one person you make smile today.

Here are 20 ways to turn that frown upside down.

1. Send some flowers to your partner at work.

2. Compliment a friend or work colleague on their appearance.

3. Donate something to charity.

4. Take a friend out to lunch.

5. Let someone know you miss them.

6. Make a surprise telephone call to your partner at work, just to say hi.

7. Hold a door open for someone walking behind you.

8. Hug your partner for no reason.

9. Leave a joke on a friends answer machine.

10. Send a card to a friend letting them know what a good friend they are.

11. Give up your seat on the train to someone when there aren't any left.

12. Share your umbrella on a rainy day.

13. Ask a friend if they need anything while you're out shopping.

14. When it's raining, plan an indoor picnic with your children.

15. Leave a love letter somewhere where your partner will find it.

16. Send someone an unusual and unexpected gift like chocolate, flowers or sex toys.

17. Tell your child you're proud of them.

18. Tell someone you thought about them the other day.

19. Cook a surprise meal for your partner one night, especially if they normally do the cooking.

20. Tell your partner you love them.

Did you know it takes only 17 muscles to smile, but 43 to frown. Why waste all that energy frowning when you could just smile.

Here are 5 more facts about smiling.

1. Women smile more than men.

2. Smiling releases endorphins that make us feel better.

3. We are all born with the ability to smile, it's not something we learn from others.

4. A smile is a universal expression of happiness.

5. A smiling person is thought to be a more pleasant, attractive, sociable, sincere and competent than a non-smiling person.

Just remember, smiling is the easiest and cheapest way of improving your looks.

Online Degrees - Tips You Can Use Now

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Today there are even consortiums formed of universities, such as Canadian Virtual University, which offers no courses or degrees, but simply acts as a portal for courses from 14 universities across Canada. Many established colleges and universities are now offering online courses and online degree programs. The recognition of the quality of online degrees compared to on-campus degrees varies.

If you're already working but would like to earn a degree, then the opportunity is there more so today than ever before. The time, distance and the financial hardships of a higher education really no longer exist with the arrival on the scene of online technology. It has been reported that employers felt that an employee receiving an online education degree compared favorably, in terms of knowledge learned, to someone with a resident degree.

Until recently, students enrolled in online degree programs were ineligible for federal student aid unless at least half of their program was campus based (a law established in 1992 and known as the 50-percent rule). Many people are earning a bachelor, masters or doctorate degree online in their field whether it's an online nursing degree they want or online education degree, online psychology degree, or even an online criminal justice degree without conforming to a traditional, time consuming schedule. The Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognize the Distance Education and Training Council as the accrediting organization for distance learning institutions and education programs that offer online degrees.

Types of online degrees also include: business administration degree online, online computer degree, online marketing degree, online biology degree, online doctoral degree, online degree, online IT degree, electrical engineering degree online and online theology degree. Offering successful job placement by the institution, after graduating or completing your online course, may be the deciding factor in your program search. Now some of the types of degrees include: business degree online, online nursing degree, online education degree, online psychology degree, criminal justice degree online, online accounting degree, mba degree online and online teaching degree.

Types of online degrees available include: associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate degree online. Make sure that any online credits you earn are transferable; ask the institution directly because most schools vary from course to course and with the individual school policy. Make sure the institution you're considering is accredited; the value of the degree often rests on whether or not an institution is accredited.

You can ask the counselors or representatives handling the accredited online degree program or bachelor degree online program what the job prospects are. Try to find online forums or chat rooms with actual students who are attending the school you have in mind. Make sure to find out if you have to go to a campus to take some exams or complete some of your online coursework; would you have difficulty getting to the campus during the evenings and on weekends?

Students seeking online degrees should get proof of accreditation from a regional or national accrediting body in the US if you have any doubt. Today if you want to earn a degree if you're working or you're just a busy person with a busy schedule, know that it just isn't as hard as it used to be. And there are online schools that are complete, stand-alone online universities with no campuses, football teams or fraternities.

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