Professional Sales Coaching - A Marketing System Isn't a Get Rich Quick Solution

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Out of desperation sales people in the services industries are often tempted to buy a done for you marketing system. It sounds so good just what you need to get things going. The problem is the system was developed by someone else for someone else, not you. It doesn't necessarily fit your business and you don't know how to implement it the way you're supposed to. Consequently you don't get anywhere near the results you expect to get.

There aren't any get rich quick solutions. The only ones getting rich from get rich quick solutions are the people selling them. Instead of trying to take a short cut and ending up on a long diversionary path you'd be better off learning how to develop a marketing system that's specific to you and your business.

You need to develop your own marketing system for generating your own proprietary leads. It doesn't do you any good to buy internet leads that are sold to 50 competitors too. When the leads are your own you're much more likely to earn some business.

As a professional sales coach I've found the quickest way to generate real leads is to show my clients how to develop a marketing system that's specific to them. For many this is foreign and scary territory. For others its small changes in what they have that result in the quantity and quality of leads they're striving for.

Your sales success is directly tied to your ability to attract the right prospects. As you develop your marketing system you want to do so in a way that forms a message to market match, and filters the market for the people you want to work with. This means you stop investing time in activities that don't produce results, you hold fewer appointments and generate more business because you aren't meeting with long-shots hoping to convert them into buyers, and you have time to actually enjoy your work and your clients.

If you can't enjoy your clients they can't enjoy you, and that means: lower client retention, few if any referrals, and more work for you. It all ties together in a smooth flow. First, you have to attract and get the attention of the right people. Next, you have to get them to reach out to you. Then you qualify your leads for the ready buyers and focus your energies on them.

Long-term success in service businesses is determined by your ability to develop long-term relationships with your clients. A good marketing system will get the right prospects entering your sales funnel, a good sales process will help them become clients, and a good referral system will keep them loyal to you.

It takes both work and time to develop the systems required for business success. But it takes a lot less time than cold calling and acquiring low value clients that don't stay with you. Once you understand how to put it all together business becomes fun again, and you have the time and financial freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Problems In the US Economy - Easily Overcome With a Slight Boost in Consumer Confidence

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We can propel our economy out of recession and quite easily. It is unfortunate all the doom and gloom in the media about the greatest economy ever created in the history of mankind. The US economy will soon surpass 20 Trillion Dollars per year, most likely before 2010. Today we do have a few challenges, but that is just part of the natural and normal economic cycles. Now then, to the critics, I say;

I will certainly not be one to deny what you have stated here about the Iraq re-stabilization efforts. I do concur, my dear sir, that it is much too costly, and it a very poor use of our national treasury, unless the oil there is used to pay back down our debt for our involvement. Indeed, that is a whole other issue of epic proportions and such a debate will rage on forever, but a trillion plus dollars on Iraq is nuts anyone who would debate other wise is fully of poppycock.

And I say to the critics of the strength of the US economy that; no doubt that the cost of milk, meat, heating fuel, energy, and diesel fuel and gasoline is huge and those costs are rising. Diesel fuel costs are causing wholesale inflation, let's call it an invisible tax or artificial inflation, on everything else, and that on top of the issues that too there is real inflation on consumer goods, not necessarily having to do with transportation, and distribution fuel costs, but other factors. Some of the increased prices are finally, moving up to where they should have been all along, yet hardly an opportune time, considering all the other issues you mentioned, as have I.

The pumping of more money into the economy to shore up (Economic Stimulus Plan) things now will only cause more inflation, having government try a spending economic bailout package is counter to sound economic theory, but politicians will promise anything to the mob in order to get elected. Still, the thought of recession + inflation is no fun either, we've lived through that before.

And on top off all that the monetary flows out of the country due to un-balanced and unfair trade (as if there were ever such things as utopian free trade) is assisting in the of sinking dollar further. Although, that might have been considered a strategy of past administrations, it is not a viable long-term plan, as in previous periods as our manufacturing base has been eroded by over regulation, outsourcing and competition where labor is cheaper.

Indeed the over all economics is global and local and everywhere in between including the largest chunk of the consumer dollar is about as local as it can get, the individual's pocket book. And their individual circumstances, which you allude too and in which I am in agreement of, to deny your statements, would be words uttered in pure hokum.

In fact, I doubt I would disagree with the critics of the US economy or the challenges we face on the road ahead or on the ailments of our current economy or the repercussions. Now then, my good sirs, I hereby propose a grassroots marketing effort to shore up the loss of trust and consumer confidence in our nation's great economy. So, I ask what say you about a strong and united effort to do just that?

Do you believe that an organized grass roots effort with 3-5 small business people, professionals and influences per town in rural areas and 4 teams of 4 each (16) per DMA putting forth, pre-packaged information to shore up the negative media momentum would be a good start in slowing negative consumer sentiment. All this in an effort to boost consumer confidence, using it as a battle cry of "unity in motion" to bring the nation together in a common cause in healing itself is a good idea?

Because, it can work and it is a start and this industry is not the only one which would get behind it. Too, we must remember the largest employers of all are our small businesses employing 75% of the workforce and accounting for 10% of the population as those small business owners. The NAR, would jump on board, once the program got going, so would others in many industries. There is power and synergy in the numbers represented here, and real estate people being natural "influencers" only makes the pie even sweeter. What say you?

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Organize Your Wedding

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When you are planning your wedding reception there is definitely a lot of different things that you have to consider in order to make everything perfect and amazing. You want your party to be the most unique and memorable one that your guests have ever attended so that they will all have a really great time and make a lot of memories with you, your new spouse, and all your loved ones that celebrated this special day with you. Even though you are definitely trying your best to make all your wedding dreams come true, it is really easy to overlook details that can really matter in the long run.

So, you should try getting something that helps you to organize everything into neat folders or boxes so you can have a kind of checklist of what you still need to do. Getting organized will make you feel less pressured and a lot less stressed out about all the millions of things you have to plan and account for like decorations, outfits, legal matters, wedding favors, invitations, and everything else that comes with planning such a big day. However, as long as you make sure that you have organization option you will definitely have no problems on the big day because you will have made sure that you did everything that you have to and that everyone else is also on track because you will have been organized from the very beginning of the whole process. Below are a couple examples of the types of helpful items you can find by just doing a little bit of online shopping. Shopping online is great because you can have everything delivered to wherever you want without any kind of hassle and the best part is that you did all your shopping without leaving your computer.
Bride Name Change Kit:

Legal processes can definitely seem like nothing more than nuisances when you are trying to plan a fantastic party but they are definitely a necessary part of the marriage process. This kit includes a book and DVD that leads you through the process of changing your name and your marital status. It includes all the forms you will need for the major changes and offers advice on how to inform secondary personages like doctors and credit card companies. This kit will definitely make everything so much smoother and a lot easier for you while you are stressing about other things.

Bride-to-Be File Organizer:

This file folder includes eight compartments that are titled with really important aspects of your wedding celebration and the process leading up to it. The cover of this file has a cute little image that will inspire you when you are down and stressing about the wedding party. It is closed off with a neat little bow that makes the entire thing just look adorable and you know that it is useful for you too.

Bride to Be File Box:

This box has alphabetized cards that you can use to separate and organize all your invitations and gift reminders. This will keep your guest list in line and you will be able to keep track of all the important details about your guests and what how they participated at your celebration. Also, the box is decorated with adorable wedding images like a floral bouquet and wedding shoes.
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